Fascination China - yourself from everything you think you know about Asia, then you have the chance to absorb and process 50% of the impressions that make up China.

From the green border crossing in Luohu, HongKong -/- Shenzhen, China, which can only be reached by S-Bahn with a valid ticket, a world that is different for Europeans begins on foot on a bridge over the border river "Shum Shun". Even "Mc Donald", with his not always the same offer, gives in to the taste of the Chinese and delivers fast food adapted to Asian palates.

Without local contact one is at the latest after a few hundred metres from the border hopelessly illiterate and quite stuck in a foreign world.


Stadtparkanlage Shenzhen, China Mainland
Stadtparkanlage Shenzhen, China Mainland

Loudly pulsating and close to a stimulus satiation to which one must first get used to. The whole thing is accompanied by an unusually open heartiness. A completely different mentality, which I have learned to appreciate and love quickly.

The visit and the memories of it quickly trigger wanderlust, because the insights that many manufacturers and friends gave me formed my ideology and the possibilities for our business. I look forward every time anew to meeting my new friends in good health. My China team is always building a golden bridge to the Middle Kingdom, which often lets me participate in what is happening.

It is unusual to realize that things that are popular with us are not of interest in China. We communicate via WeChat, QQ and Smartphone. Google does not work in China, which explains Apple's market share.

Last but not least, after Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, there was Macau, the gambling hell of Asia to experience.

Whoever has seen the skylines of these cities and the illuminated LED facades can only be topped by the impression of Hong Kong "The Peak". It is strange that there are no posters of this in our country.

HongKong The Peak - Night Skyline
HongKong The Peak – Night Skyline