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Note: The annoyance about bad quality is much more lasting than the joy about a cheap price!



Not all TPE dolls are the same!

Often the same images are used by several manufacturers in the same way. During the audit in China we found out that often cheap manufacturers save costs for the master design by the sculptor and simply buy dolls from the competition and then mould them. The manufacturing standards are also very different. Some manufacturers even use PVC or non-tested material mixtures. Not to mention the skeleton, which is fundamental for the life expectancy of wirings.

As an importer, we are subject to the same liability for customers from Europe as the manufacturer in China, which is why we prefer to bring our goods as an OEM to the European market under our own label of "Doll's Lounge Doll", with our own mods and quality requirements. Of course we would not like to withhold a selection of the manufacturer pictures from you nevertheless, because the differences to our product are based more on the internal structure, like Wiring connection etc. and the sophisticated quality management, as well as the product liability with reinsurance. Additionally we offer a repair service for dolls purchased from us, trained by the manufacturer. But of course this has its price, the "cheap Jacob" doesn't work anymore from a certain quality on.

But if you want to buy a doll for over 1000, - €, you should bet on quality and not on stinginess, because a damage with such a doll, quickly a collateral damage, is to be equated with loss of the complete capital investment.
With such products stinginess is not cool, but very quickly simply stupid.

Motto: Not avarice is cool, but the mind is cool!

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