Session February 2015 - FlashZone Photography

Session February 2015 - FlashZone Photography

Session 14. February 2015

With Maik Brockmeyer and the Doll's Lounge team. At this photo shoot on February 14th, our two 156cm dolls, the 2014 with Cup E and 2015 with Cup B generation, as well as our latest series with only 100cm were in the foreground. These correspond to our premium series among the TPE dolls offered on the market. They are characterized by a massive construction with skeleton and finger wirings, as well as a detailed design of the face and body. Who does not know it exactly, fast the deception sits on the deception to look at a photo gallery of a living model. Only with a few pictures this deception is immediately apparent. If the photographer and the prop really go for it, it is hardly recognizable. These mannequins captivate with their natural appearance. The genital area is designed just as lovingly. Only real, is more real!

If you need these dolls for pure decoration in your business premises, you can of course select the "nonsex" function when ordering in order to effectively prevent unwanted encroachments on your "inventory" in advance.

Please do not laugh out loud, this has really happened to some of our commercial customers in the past!

These dolls then have no body orifices whatsoever, which of course clearly limits the possibilities for their intended use. Most dolls are nevertheless ordered with full functionality and firmly integrated genital area.

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