The new doll collection of TPE dolls in late summer 2015, is characterized by many loving details and according to our specifications significantly improved technical characteristics. The pictures speak for themselves! Let yourself be seduced by the sensuality of our quality sex dolls.

But beware!

Unfortunately, we had to find out again that there are already a lot of imitators in China for the new models! We already had the first fake products on the table for repair.

Interestingly, the same photos as we provide were used for the sale of these products. However, a completely different product was delivered.

The difference starts in the skeleton, where it is possible to do the under arm bend, but twisting the forearms in front of the chest is technically not possible.

If this was the only problem, everything would still be fine, but these dolls had an open vaginal canal at the top. The disadvantage is obvious, because this must be sealed permanently by welding, otherwise liquids and foreign matter can penetrate the doll unhindered and cause damage. Because no matter what the manufacturer promises: TPE does not form a permanent bond with metal. At the latest after the first mechanical stress on the doll, capillary to the last joints and regions, any liquids would penetrate unhindered into the doll and cause corrosion there. Even a simple closing with a stopper unfortunately does not result in a permanent sealing of the doll. There are also dolls in circulation whose TPE mixture does not meet the quality requirements of a "full silicone lovedoll".

There the surface tears at knees and elbows after only a few days, when the doll sits in an angled condition. we now had to carry out several repairs, whereby according to the invoice this should have been a branded product. the only thing that was striking was the particularly favourable purchase price for the end customer.

Notice: Even with the quality manufacturers it is still the case, if the dealer dictates the price down, he will get it. However, the quality of production for this dealer is then reduced accordingly. You cannot sell a good below the purchase price. Even if this is inconvenient, you should think about it,... before buying! I don't believe that anyone would wish to make savings at the expense of quality, which cannot be made up for later by repairs. And which are in no reasonable relation to the savings.

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