Sports Girl – Leona – Debut eroFame 2018 – Holger Riedel

Photographer and artist Holger Riedel.

Fotograf Holger Riedel
Holger Riedel

He stands out through his unmistakable signature in every work he delivers and the high quality studio photography he takes.

He manages this without having to "lie" with Photoshop with his pictures, rather he prefers the perfectly staged motif.
"Honest" shots with hours of attention to detail in preparation ensure consistently perfectionist images.

No detail, however small, is left to chance with him.

And so it's not surprising that his studio, which is as cosy as a small picturesque witch's cottage, produces only very few, but all of them useful and immaculately beautiful shots.

You can see his years of experience and training in the field of advertising and a clear penchant for art.

With our Leona he created three completely different photo series, which I would like to summarize here in one page on the cube and proudly present.

So I proudly present the sports girl Leona, which we have launched together with Oriental Rose in 2018 especially for the eroFame. She is inspired by a real sportswoman who has dedicated herself to fitness. Holger shows us impressively how even this very predefined body shape can quickly become a graceful lady or muse!

Because nothing polarizes more than a love doll that could even authentically compete with other athletes in the showroom of a fitness center!  Here Joyce Tang and her team have outdone themselves.

The pictures are made with our Leona from our exhibition. And - Yes, she has her own weight bench in our new showroom.

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