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You have to be a little crazy to live this business successfully

TPE-Lovedoll Analena und Natascha

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You have to be a little crazy to live this business successfully with a lot of passion

If you are not 100% behind your product or what you do, you must not enter this business field. You have to have a certain amount of dedication and understanding of what our girls do to our customers to be successful.

We do not claim to be the market leader, but we intend to remain the technological leader so that we can offer you the best service for your sex doll in Europe. Just now it shows that our success proves us right in the long run.

Despite all our business-like thinking, we have never forgotten "that little bit of humanity" behind our customer, unlike many others!

Werner beim auftragen der Permanenten FarbenTherefore we have the following priorities:

  • understanding for the customer
  • Comprehensive understanding of the material and products offered in physics and chemistry
  • Sustainable direct 1 to 1 service
  • Best quality goods
  • Continuous expansion of our technical capabilities
  • Certification by manufacturers since 3/2015
  • Own registered legal products
  • Thermoplastic and chemical repair processes
  • Preliminary X-ray diagnostics before repairs and ultrasonic welding
  • Professional surgery area for the dolls
  • Professional laboratory
  • Own 3D studio
  • Cross-brand showroom


We have expanded, renovated and modernised especially for you this year to ensure the best possible service and hygienic conditions!