Sahra by the water mill


Is there a more beautiful scenery than natural historical buildings?

In a watermill, the elements, nature and technology are combined in an almost aesthetic way by using water power. Especially here we found an ideal and romantic setting for our smallest Premium TPE doll. It attracted the interest of young and old alike. With the high quality premium wig we provide a beautiful colour contrast. The advantage of our premium wigs is not only that they can be combed perfectly and without above-average hair loss even after long use, but also that the colours do not transfer to the TPE. Neither oil nor water can transfer the colours into the doll. Also the carrier material of the individual braids are colourfast.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the owners of this historic building once again for their kind permission to hold our photo session on August 2, 2015, so that we can impressively show that even our smallest dolls put any conventional rubber doll in the shade. If you are looking for a silicone doll, which is also easy to handle, then the 13 kg light 100 cm Doll's Lounge doll is the best choice for everyone.