But quite apart from the diligence - of course also a question of cost.

Qualität ist keine Hexerei!

Quality is not magic!

No matter how "cheap" and tempting the offer was.
With the purchase of a sex doll with a purchase value from approx. 1.000,- € everybody expects a certain quality standard. However, since this has never been standardised or normed, neither technically nor in terms of craftsmanship, every customer must sound out the dealer's abilities and trust the respective quality management. In order to meet the customer's quality expectations, however, all parameters must be right, from the choice of materials, through processing and careful quality control at all decisive stages of production.

The share of manual labour in the production of TPE sexdolls and silicone lovedolls is remarkably high.

Of course, this in turn holds many opportunities for errors to creep into production at these cost-intensive points.

We narrow the scope for errors and overly tolerant checking mechanisms with our own people on site in China.




Businesscard James

Businesscard James

They are deliberately not dependent on the manufacturer of the love dolls and are also not the "bookable agents" for such services. Instead we form our own team on site with address in China. As a nice side-effect we have it much easier to enforce our interests and claims locally, because you can't even enforce your rights from Germany in China. The import of sexdolls of second choice is thus completely spared us. Experience shows that our love dolls withstand far more than the legal requirements due to the consistent quality assurance.

Otherwise our voluntarily guaranteed three-year free repair service for our premium products could not be realized.

Because with us, every customer who buys a doll with premium service receives a free repair service for three years! Even if you should damage your doll by inadvertence, we will repair your Lovedoll. Because we will not leave you standing in the rain! *

And whether one is aware of this beforehand or not, the available budget naturally always plays a decisive role for the extent of such expenditure for each order.

Witch Daniela

Witch Daniela

With every purchase in every shop in the world, without exception, you must always remember that everyone in the chain of creation from the raw materials market, the production costs via trade, duties/customs/taxes/energy and even the transport company will earn money!

Just as you will do your work every day on the same occasion and know exactly what is appropriate remuneration for it. And you will also know that there are different classifications of customers and quality to be delivered. It is quite normal for manufacturers to make correspondingly high cost optimizations for the product when customers dictate the price.

So how the connection between realistic price and possible quality can be derived, I don't need to explain further.

* Except: Transport costs, doll sharing, commercial use and deliberate damage to the dolls!



Example of quality control of two orders with check list


Extract from QC 2017

Qualitätssicherung beim Hersteller durch James
Qualitätssicherung beim Hersteller durch James


Breastcheck (test whether both sides are worked equally and soft enough)

Own quality control in China