Summer Sunset with Marina


Is there anything more beautiful than sunset and natural evening light?

We took the opportunity with the beautiful weather and spontaneously took some photos on the castle stage in Stromberg. We don't claim any price for photographic masterpieces, we just wanted to give you the opportunity to see how natural some pictures can look, if banal everyday situations and the right light are combined. A heated discussion on Facebook even showed that there are some users who complain about the badly chosen pose (which is unfavorable for the woman photographed), as this might be complained by the lady photographed and they didn't even notice that it is in fact our own exhibition doll Marina.

The moonrise, also captured with a telephoto lens, was not even noticed in the heated discussion.

We take these accusations against the photo concept as a compliment, because this reaction showed that this concept worked 100%.
- Our Marina is alive!

We had the luck to capture the moonrise and the evening sun together with our mannequin. Thus the alleged non inflatable doll became a real photo model.

The consistently positive feedback from the numerous passers-by, as well as the quite active interest, consideration and support, made us very happy. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the passers-by who were unknown to us once again. We were surprised about the very positive feedback.

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