— X-Mas 2014


The first Christmas for our "girls"!

A little inspiration with one, the "thousand and one" possibility of Christmas decoration. We would like to show you how beautiful and vivid accents can be set with our dolls. There is almost no theme that could not be realized by including the dolls. This fact opens the possibility to let the TPE or silicone doll seamlessly flow into the aesthetic interior design, so that you don't have to hide your Lovedoll, as it would be appropriate and always advisable with an inflatable rubber doll.

If you need these dolls for pure decoration in your business premises, you can, of course, select the "nonsex" function when ordering, in order to effectively prevent unwanted encroachments on your "inventory" in advance. These dolls then have no body orifices whatsoever, which clearly limits the possibilities for the intended use. Whereby external features are retained in order to enable a presentation of lingerie and swimwear as close to life as possible.